• Comptroller Checkbook

    Checkbook NYC 2.0 provides unprecedented access to view and track how New York City government spends its nearly $70 billion annual budget. All data present in Checkbook NYC 2.0 is available through the API, except for visualizations. Data feeds include Budget, Revenue, Spending, Contracts, and Payroll.

    The API has 2 required global parameters and 2 optional global parameters in every request. Depending on the value used for type of data, there are additional optional parameters that can be sent. The XML formats will hopefully be fairly self-explanatory. Links are provided for documentation for contracts, spending, and payroll domains. The documentation consists of global parameters and domain-specific parameters. Sample XML requests and responses are included for each domain.

    For API documentation visit the Comptroller Checkbook here: http://checkbooknyc.com/data-feeds/api

  • DOT Datafeeds

    The Department of Transportation (DOT) provides numerous data feeds including Traffic Advisories, Street Construction Worksites, Bicycle Parking and Cycling maps, and information regarding the Staten Island Ferry, Alternate Side Parking Status, Parking Regulations, Citywide Low Bridges, New York City Truck Routes, and Street Network Changes. DOT also provides real-time data from traffic cameras and traffic speed detectors.

    Note that these data feeds may contain and/or utilize information that was originally compiled by DOT for governmental purposes; the information may have been modified subsequently by entity/entities other than DOT. DOT and the City of New York make no representation as to the accuracy or usefulness of the information provided by this application or the information's suitability for any purpose, and disclaim any liability for omissions or errors that may be contained therein. The public is advised to observe posted signage for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Event Calendar

    The Events Calendar API provides information for events sponsored by the City of New York. This is the same API used in the “Find Local Events” module on nyc.gov.

    There are 5 web services included in the API that provide the ability to search for events by name or date/time. In addition, all of these services are RESTful and return data in JSON or JSONP format.

  • Geoclient

    The Geoclient API is a RESTful web service interface to the NYC Department of City Planning’s Geosupport system developed by the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications GIS/Mapping unit. Geosupport is a mainframe-based geocoding system used by NYC government. Geosupport provides coordinate and geographic attributes for supported input locations (address, intersection, blockface). Geoclient exposes the most widely used Geosupport functions through simple and easy to use REST representations.

    Docs: https://api.nyc.gov/geoclient/v1/doc/

    Service Usage Guidelines

    The Geoclient API is a free geocoding service offered by the City of New York for use by the general public. Access to the service requires registering for a free account on this website and requesting an access key.

    Due to rapidly increasing usage of Geoclient, we are seeing a commensurate decline in overall application availability based our current contractual resource allowance from third party platform services. While we work towards increasing this capacity, we are forced to set service usage guidelines.

    From this point forward, the following service usage guidelines apply:

    · Maximum of 2,500 requests per minute;

    · Maximum of 500,000 requests per day.

    Note that these are guidelines and not hard limits. However, if we see applications continually exceeding these limits, we will attempt to notify the account administrator based on contact information provided in the sign-up forms. If corrective action is not taken, we will then set whatever limits we deem necessary to provide equal resources averaged by all active accounts. Moving forward, as we increase capacity, we may adjust the usage guidelines.

    New York City agencies requesting use of this service for any purpose should contact the DoITT GIS team directly for appropriate access.

    Source Code

    The source code for the Geoclient API project was released under the Apache 2.0 license and is available for download on GitHub. Since the Geoclient API relies on Geosupport for the actual geocoding, the Geosupport binaries need to be downloaded from the NYC Department of City Planning website. By downloading and installing Geosupport, you can run Geoclient on your own servers.

    For technical questions about using, installing, or contributing to the Geoclient project, please use our GitHub Issues page.

  • HPD Datafeed

    The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) provides a data feed from the Press Room, and also posts or links to various data that HPD collects in the course of doing business. Data includes: Building files, Charges files, Complaints files, Litigation files, Registration files, and Violation Files. HPD provides this data via data feed and data sets on NYC Open Data to enable computer programmers and app builders to create tools that could improve access to public information and put it at the fingertips of tenants, landlords, developers, elected officials, housing advocates, and other interested parties.

    Please note that HPD's data sets on NYC Open Data are generally large. The information files are in a standard XML format, defined in schema files that accompany the information files. Note that data made available to the public by HPD is provided for informational purposes. HPD and the City of New York do not warranty the completeness, accuracy, content, or fitness for any particular purpose or use of any public data that is made available, nor are any such warranties to be implied or inferred with respect to that public data. HPD and the City of New York are not liable for any deficiencies in the completeness, accuracy, content or fitness for any particular purpose or use of any public data that is provided, or any application provided by any third party utilizing such data.

  • NYC 311 Public API