Is the API ready to use?

The documentation wasn't updated. It still asks for APP ID and APP key. The example returns 404 error.


    We have a use-case were our existing application is able to get around CORS issues by using JSONP in the front-end. Due to limitations of hosting we are only able to serve static rather than dynamic pages and hence we are retrieving the data in-browser. With JSONP not being able to pass custom headers we are unable to access the data as we had previously. Is there either: (a) a way to include the subscription key as url parameters or (b) Negate CORS by eiter hitting a CORS-friendly endpoint or adding our domain to a CORS whitelist? Many thanks in advance.
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 07 Jul 2021 08:26:54 GMT
    Issue resolved with the geoclient url parameter ?subscription-key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you!
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 04 Aug 2021 12:27:21 GMT

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